Is David Archuleta Gay?

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Is David Archuleta Gay?

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There is no conclusive proof of the news, or rather rumor that David Archuleta is gay. David Archuleta is a former American Idol runner up. He is a singer and performer. David was spotted at a gay club some time back and since then there have been rumors doing rounds that he is gay. Till this date though, there has been no official admission or comment from the celebrity himself on the issue. Though this does not in anyway concern his fans.

David Archuleta’s claim to fame rests upon his fairy tale journey in American idol’s 7th season, where he was one of the finalists and was ultimately beaten by David Cook. However, he is a brilliant singer and has released many albums so far, including Crush, The Other Side of Down and Begin. David has even tried hands at acting having appeared in Hannah Montana and iCarly.

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