Is Jodie Foster Gay?

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Is Jodie Foster Gay?

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Jodie Foster has been believed to be in a relationship with Cydney Bernard for several years. However, she has never directly addressed the issue of her sexuality; she is extremely private about things in her personal life. She has been seen together with her, and referred to Cydney as “my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through the rotten and the bliss.” On May 15, 2008, Bernard and Foster decided to “call it quits” (according to several media outlets). She does have 2 children, but has not revealed who the father is.

Foster is a popular American actress, producer, and film director. She was considered to be a “child star,” acting in the film “Taxi Driver” at age 13. She later transitioned into the adult acting world, staring in flims such as “Stealing Home,” and “Five Corners.”

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