Apr 16

Is Rachel Maddow Gay?

Rachel Maddow



Rachel Maddow is openly gay. In fact, she is the first prime-time news anchor to come out publicly as gay. Also, she was the first American who is publicly gay to earn the Rhodes scholarship.

Rachel Maddow is an American author and television host. She is most well known for her television show, The Rachel Maddow Show, in which she mostly gives political commentary on current events. She was born in Castro Valley, California, and graduated from Stanford University.

Apr 13

Is Stephen Fry Gay?

Stephen Fry



Stephen Fry is openly gay, and has claimed to know that he was gay since age 10. He was in a 10 year relationship with Daniel Cohen, which he publicly displays. In May 2007, Fry was voted the second most influential gay person in Britain.

Stephen Fry is a successful British actor, author, comedian, director, and journalist. He has one house in Hollywood and one in London. He has acted in many popular films such as Alice in Wonderland and V for Vendetta.

Jan 24

Is Anderson Cooper Gay?

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Is Anderson Cooper Gay?

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Anderson Cooper was born on June 3, 1967 in New York. Cooper is in relation to the Vanderbilt railroad empire. He is widely known as being a successful anchor on CNN and authoring books. Is Anderson Cooper Gay? Vote above to see how others have voted!