Apr 24

Is Simon Cowell Gay?

Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell has publicly announced his response to the rumors about him being homosexual. He has dismissed these gay rumors as completely untrue. He told Tom Bower, “If I was gay, why wouldn’t I admit it? It wouldn’t harm me, and my mother wouldn’t freak out.”

Simon Cowell is a successful English entrepreneur, producer, and executive. He was born in London and attended Dover College. Cowell is best known for his role as a judge on popular television shows such as American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent. Cowell was also listed as #41 in “The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures 2010” by the New Statesman magazine.

Apr 19

Is Jonathan Cheban Gay?

Jonathan Cheban


Johnathan Cheban has publicly said that he is straight. Although he dresses metro-sexual, he has publicly addressed these gay rumors and denies being gay. Click here to read more about this issue: http://www.gossipcop.com/jonathan-cheban-gay-kris-humphries-fight-kourtney-and-kim-take-new-york-video/

Jonathan Cheban is most notably known for staring in the TV show, The Spin Crowd. In the show, Cheban runs a public relations firm in NYC called Command PR. He is very close with Kim Kardashian, and frequently appears on her reality shows.

Apr 12

Is Justin Timberlake Gay?

Justin Timberlake

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Is Justin Timberlake Gay?

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Justin Timberlake has never made his sexual orientation open to the public. He wishes to keep this type of personal information secret. He has had several girlfriends throughout the past. However, a large chunk of his fans tend to be gay. What do you think? Vote in the poll above to see the results!

Justin Timberlake is an a famous American boy-band singer/dancer. He has won six Grammy awards during his career, and is now a successful actor as well. He has starred in films such as The Social Network and Friends with Benefits.