Nov 29

Is Matt Smith Gay?


Matt Smith, because of the role he plays in the television series Dr Who, is perceived by many of his fans as gay. In fact, the manner in which he is seen supporting the rights of LGBT groups also lends weight to these speculations that he is gay. However, there is no proof or admission made by Matt Smith till date that he is gay. To cap it all, he has Daisy Lowe, a Playboy model as his girlfriend to conclusively prove that he is not gay.

For those who do not know, Matt Smith is an actor of English origin and his real name is Matthew Robert Smith. He is currently playing the 11th incarnation of the character of Doctor in the television series Dr Who. For his performance in the series, he has also received nomination for the BAFTA Award in 2011.

Nov 11

Is David Archuleta Gay?

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Is David Archuleta Gay?

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There is no conclusive proof of the news, or rather rumor that David Archuleta is gay. David Archuleta is a former American Idol runner up. He is a singer and performer. David was spotted at a gay club some time back and since then there have been rumors doing rounds that he is gay. Till this date though, there has been no official admission or comment from the celebrity himself on the issue. Though this does not in anyway concern his fans.

David Archuleta’s claim to fame rests upon his fairy tale journey in American idol’s 7th season, where he was one of the finalists and was ultimately beaten by David Cook. However, he is a brilliant singer and has released many albums so far, including Crush, The Other Side of Down and Begin. David has even tried hands at acting having appeared in Hannah Montana and iCarly.

Nov 10

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gay?


An American actor, and also a director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has often been brandished as gay when his sexual orientation comes up for discussion. This is because of the fact that his name has not been linked with an actress so far and because he has, till this date, not disclosed the fact about his sexual preferences. The rumors about him being gay have developed partly because he has played gay characters in several television series and movies. However, in a recent interview in gay magazine The Advocate, the actor silenced one and all by saying he is not gay, but also does not care about what the world thinks regarding his sexual orientation.

Joseph Gordon-Levit is the son of Dennis Levitt and Jane Gordon. He was born in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. He has worked both as a child star as well as an adult actor in many TV series and movies. His most popular TV shows and movies have been 500 days of Summer, Inception, Looper, 10 Things I hate About You, Manic, Brick, and many more. He is set to star in a Steven Spielberg movie in near future.